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The Greenville Natural History Association is a hiking club with more than 700 members from across the Carolinas. Together, we take day hikes and backpacking trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina. Join us outside.


Enjoy these perks by purchasing a $5 annual membership.



Member Only Hikes

Gain access to dozens of hike every month in the Carolinas.



Meet Outdoor Enthusiasts

Make new friends in your local hiking community.



Find New Trails

Hit the trails with knowledgeable hike leaders and groups who know the area.


It's easy to join GNHA, but it does take completing three steps.
Follow each of them, pay your $5 annual membership fee and come join us outside.


Join Our Meetup Group

Find GNHA Hiking Club on and request to join the club.  If you don't already have a profile on, you'll need to create one to join the group. Keep in mind that your membership isn't complete after joining our club on


Get Membership Details from GNHA

Once you join our club on, we will contact you to complete the payment process. You'll have the option to choose  a one- or two-year membership starting at $5 per year. Keep in mind that it may take up to a week to process your membership.


Start Hiking

Find the best hike for your fitness level. We have hikes for every level of hiker, whether you're looking for an easy to moderate trail with minimal elevation gain or a more strenuous challenge with more than 3,000 feet in elevation gain. Our hiking events are posted on

  • Why am I having trouble joining GNHA?
    Joining GNHA is a two-step process. By simply joining our group at, you haven't officially become a member because you need to pay our annual membership fee. Follow the step in our How to Become a Member section and you'll be ready to join us on the trail.
  • Why do I have to join Meetup?
    Our club hikes are posted on and that's where you'll need to go to reserve a spot for a hike or any other club event. We chose because it makes it easy for us to share upcoming hikes and it provides a reservation system so that we can maintain manageable numbers for each group hike. Keep in mind that our hike leaders may remove you from a hike if you haven't paid your membership dues.
  • What happens if I don't join Meetup and pay my membership dues?
    Unfortunately, you won't become an active member of GNHA until you've joined Paying your dues is only half of what's required for your membership. Because all of our hikes and events are hosted at, you'll need to sign up there to become active and have the ability to sign up for upcoming hikes.
  • Why am I being told that I'm not a member even though I joined Meetup? has thousands of clubs. When you join, you have the option to select from many different Meetup groups. GNHA is just one of them, and you must request to join our club there. Once you've done that, our membership coordinator will be in contact with you.
  • Why was I removed from GNHA's Meetup group?
    This happens most often because your dues have lapsed or you haven't paid your annual membership after joining the group. Our annual membership is $5. If your dues are not paid, you will be removed from our club.
  • Why do I have to add the initial of my last name to my Meetup profile?
    We have over 700 members. Many have the same first name. Some even have the same first and last name! If you are asked to add more info to your profile, it is to differentiate you from another member.
  • But I see some members with only their first name. Why can't I do that?
    Some hikers have been a member of this club for over 30 years. Their profiles have been grandfathered into our member list.
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