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Our hike rating system provides an estimate of each hike's difficulty level. This is only a reference rating. Other factors such as trail conditions, weather and the pace of the group also need to be considered. Be sure to contact the hike leader if you have any questions prior to the hike. New members are encouraged to ask questions about hike conditions and the items that may be needed for the day. 

Formula for hike ratings
Our formulate is simple. We add one point for every mile and one point for every 200 feet in elevation gain, and then take the total from those two measures to determine how strenuous the hike will be. Here's what that looks like:

  • 0-4 points = easy (E)

  • 5-8 = moderate (M)

  • 9-12 = moderate/strenuous (MS)

  • 13-16 = strenuous (S)

  • 17-20 = very strenuous (VS)

  • 21-30  = very very strenuous (VVS)

  • 30+ = very very super strenuous (VVSS)​

Here's an example for how we would calculate an 8-mile hike with 1,000 feet in elevation gain:
Distance of hike: 8 miles = 8 points 
Elevation gain: 1,000 feet = 5 points
TOTAL = (8+5) = 13 Points
13 points = Strenuous (S)


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