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One of my favorite aspects about our hiking club is that we're always coming together. Sure, we meet at every trailhead and catch up during our weekly hikes. However, we also gather around campfires and picnic tables throughout the course of the year.

But this time of year? This is when we really do it right.

Some of the biggest events on our annual calendar happen this month, and it's a great opportunity to mingle and have fun with your fellow hikers away from the trail. 

First up, we have our Annual Christmas Party on Sunday, Dec. 10 at Landmark Hall. It's a relaxed evening with great food and (more importantly) an opportunity to show what skills you have away from the trail by participating in a series of fun games. This year, our party planners are throwing in a holiday costume contest. Wear your holiday spirit on your sleeve for a chance to win some great prizes!

To start the new year on Jan. 1, we'll once again hold our Hobo Stew at Paris Mountain State Park. Everyone brings two cans of soup--one to contribute to the pot and one to donate to a local food shelter. We'll then start the new year with four different hikes at different speeds and skill levels, and finishing with a warm bowl of stew. Here's where you can find those events:

We hope to see you at a few or all of these events! 


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